Brian Dawson

Brian Dawson

Research Interests: Brian Kāfakafa Dawson is a lecturer of Pacific Studies at BYU Hawaiʻi who focuses on representation, and the proliferation of Oceanic cultures and languages in contemporary contexts with emphasis on imperialism, colonialism, racism, and appropriation. Brian is currently researching the broad appropriation of the African American cultural experience in Pasifika contexts and communities. Brian's research augments prevailing work relating to American imperialism in the Pacific, along with the globalization, race, and multicultural studies that elucidate understandings of cross cultural flows; mobilities; borrowing, both linguistic and cultural; identity and authenticity. 

Brian’s Masters thesis Car(ry)ing Tongan: Ideologies from Tongan Punake on Language, Land, and Tauhi Vā looks at the role English plays with Tongan cultural understandings of language and land.



AA Liberal Arts Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, NY

BA Pacific Islands Studies Brigham Young University-Hawaii

BA IT Brigham Young University-Hawaii

MA Pacific Islands Studies University of Hawaii at Manoa

PHD In Progress University of Hawaii at Manoa, American Studies


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ANTH 210 Contemporary Pacific Studies

GE 100 Local Communities

GE 110 Critical Inquiry and Analysis: Systems of Oppression