Transfer Maps

Transfer maps are example schedules for your major. They are intended to show you how you could potentially schedule the courses in each semester in residence. PLEASE NOTE that because ICS is such a diverse major with so many possible options, this does not represent the classes that you must take, but only provides an example. Also note that the schedules do not account for General Education requirements, which will most likely be completed before, or concurrently with, your ICS classes. For each emphasis, there is also an example of a map with one of the ICS certificates included in the schedule. This shows you how you could potentially add a certificate program to your study, granted you have the available credit space. The certificates demonstrated are the ones most correlated with each emphasis, however any of the certificates can be pursued with each emphasis.  The maps demonstrate that each of the ICS majors, along with a certificate, can be completed in 6 semesters.

ICS-Cultural Anthropology major/Applied Anthropology certificate T-MAP
ICS-Communications & Culture major/New Media Journalism certificate T-MAP
ICS-Comparative Humanities major/Digital Humanities certificate T-MAP
ICS-Intercultural Peacebuilding major/Intercultural Peacebuilding certificate T-MAP


Fall 2016 Class Schedule